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The fresh new medal is for “a good contributions to standard geophysics and also for unselfish cooperation inside look

The clear answer showed up many years later, following completion out of a keen Antarctic expedition provided of the Susan: Chlorine was to blame

Susan Solomon was given the fresh new 2007 William Bowie Medal on AGU Slide Fulfilling Honors Service, which was kept in Bay area, Calif. ”


I’m for example delighted tonight to present Susan Solomon, who can located one of the most prestigious AGU prizes: the brand new William Bowie Medal.

As early as the new late 1970s, Susan was making preparations this lady Ph.D. thesis on National Center to own Atmospheric Research in medical supervision off Paul Crutzen and you may Harold Johnston. Susan turned into fascinated with the new mechanisms which affect ozone or any other chemical about top atmosphere. She reviewed brand new susceptability of upper surroundings ozone to effective dust off solar power resource, and you will exhibited exactly how thermospheric perturbations in the solar power interest you are going to propagate down seriously to the middle and also the lower polar ambiance. If spring Antarctic ozone opening is stated back in 1984, Susan noticed that no known process you may describe which remarkable and you will unpredicted perturbation. She given a possible need: Chlorine atoms originating from brand new industrially are available chlorofluorocarbons, if the activated on top away from freeze dirt contained in polar countries, could damage every all the way down stratospheric ozone in only an effective couple of weeks. That it concept is actually confronted. Atmospheric dynamicists had suggested one to alterations in the newest atmospheric movement was a very most likely reason behind it observed ozone destruction, if you are several chemists have been invoking the brand new role of your own nitrogen oxides put during the highest solar power activity episodes. Its concentration had been elevated in regions where polar stratospheric clouds was introduce, and you may ozone try exhausted within just weeks. Susan offered the fresh management into the first dimensions exhibiting you to halocarbons will be cause of the newest ozone opening. That it knowledge starred a decisive part on decision created by brand new places around the globe in order to prohibit the effective use of chlorofluorocarbons. This year, i known this new 20th wedding of your own Montreal Method to the safety of one’s ozone level.clouds, and aquatic border layers.

The latest weather concern is now toward schedule many places of the globe, however, many complex inquiries remain to-be treated. Susan made a decision to clarify the fresh new determine of your own stratosphere in the weather system, and you will focused on the results off ozone and halocarbons to the climate.

Susan Solomon in the future knew the requirement to display very important scientific show to choice-brands and a lot more basically toward social. She chose to donate to several worldwide environment tests and you will, with lots of off the girl associates, turned important in offering the scientific base that lays at base to possess choices by society. Prior to now five years, she offered due to the fact cochair of your own Intergovernmental Committee towards the Climate Changes (IPCC) Performing Category We. Which IPCC declaration, had written from inside the 2007, produced headlines and you can flat just how to possess actions to your environment changes. The trouble, and this took over three years away from serious pastime and you may inside boffins off more one hundred nations, had a primary influence on the political agenda that will in the course of time produce mitigation and adaptation measures wanted to protect humankind away from negative weather transform. Has just, the new Norwegian Nobel Panel issued the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize in order to former Vice president Al Gore in addition to IPCC.

In the end, I would like to highlight the important informative character played by the Susan Solomon. Including her medical factors, Susan provided tremendously so you can advising individuals into the environment alter and you may ozone depletion. She entrained a unique generation away from experts exactly who understand the brand new fragility your planet and you may, through the woman love and you may training feel, has actually fostered the fresh work of many younger researchers.